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Somnium Space Announces Acquisition of Community Garden

Company also reveals refund program for MetaWorld Users.

Earlier this year Somnium Space launched part of a broad attempt to utilise virtual reality (VR) along with blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a shared, cross-platform virtual world. The company behind the Somnium space world have now bought out the Community Garden intellectual property (IP) to welcome its co-founder Carleton DiLeo to the somnium Space team.

Since Somnium Space launched on Steam, more than 3,500 new members have joined the platform in the past three weeks. The creators of Somnium Space are hoping that the addition of DiLeo will further strengthen its development team.

Somnium Space avatar editor screen

“Today, we are shaping landscape of Virtual Reality for many decades ahead. Every decision we do about types of social interactions or certain technical aspects of VR world will impact future generations of players and virtual citizens.” said Artur Sychov, Founder of Somnium Space. “We want to make decisions which will create an unbelievable environment for people to foster their creativity, therefore we are quickly building the best possible team to realize that vision.”

“I am thrilled to become part of Somnium Space team and bring to life the ideas I had with Community Garden on a much larger scale.” said Carleton DiLeo. “I strongly believe the future of VR is in shared worlds that players feel connected to. Community Garden’s vision and Somnium Space’s approach are the perfect match, and just what the VR community needs.”

In addition, Somnium Space have spoke about a situation involving players who bought assorted packages from the unreleased MetaWorld VR application. Many users were left frustrated after numerous delays and the subsequent removal of the MetaWorld VR Steam page.

Somnium space say that the company is committed to keeping the VR community a trusted space, and is therefore announcing a refund and exchange program for MetaWorld users. Those who purchased early access or land from MetaWorld will be able to exchange that for a small land parcel in Somnium Space. Further information ca be found on the Somnium Space Discord channel.

Selfie inside Somnium Space

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