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Starbear: Taxi Hero

Starbear: Taxi is Flying Towards A PlayStation VR Release

Cute and cuddly arcade VR experience is coming to the PlayStation VR.

Developer Funktronic Labs have cultivated a reputation for creating titles that have their own unique sense of style and aesthetics, clearly seen in the 60s stylings of its first virtual reality (VR) title, Cosmic Trip, and again in the cute cartoon world of Starbear: Taxi. PlayStation VR users will soon get to experience that world for themselves with the announcement hat Starbear: Taxi will soon be heading to Sony’s VR headset.

The objective of Starbear: Taxi is to zoom around a colourful, cartoonish sci-fi world in a flying saucer, picking up people and taking them to their destination. Those familiar with Crazy Taxi or the Grand Theft Auto taxi missions should be familiar with the set-up.

The player takes the role of the adorable bear pilot/taxi driver, who needs to collect as many fares as possible in an allotted time. It isn’t always as simple as taking the customer from Point A to Point B, as there are opportunities to increase your score by following certain routes, helpfully laid out by floating honey pots.

While the cuddly-looking bears seem to mostly want you to succeed, there are other less-friendly animals lurking about, who will seek to slow you down with hazards such as giant magnets, or even firing enormous rockets as you in an attempt to blow you to bits.

As well as the main campaign there are other game modes to try out, such as the ‘Single Life’ challenge mode, or the Bullet Hell projectile dodging.

Earlier this year the VRFocus team reviewed the PC VR version of Starbear: Taxi, giving it good marks and saying: “Starbear: Taxi skirts a fine line quirky VR puzzler and short tech demo. Thankfully it leans more towards the former, offering an amusingly addictive experience that can actually draw you in for some time. It’s not on the same level as Cosmic Trip yet for those after a quick and simple time killer its ideal.”

Starbear Taxi gameplayimage

Starbear: Taxi is due to launch on PlayStation VR in November 2018. The trailer is available to view below. For further coverage on new and upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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