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Terrifying VR Horror Syren Dated for PlayStation VR Release

Both installments will be bundled together.

Currently in the process of developing crime thriller STEIN, virtual reality (VR) specialist HammerheadVR has revealed that its rather scary videogame Syren will be coming to PlayStation VR in November.

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PlayStation VR owners will be getting both versions of the videogame, the original which launched in earlier 2017 for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift plus Episode 2 which arrived a few months later.

In the first installment Syren tells the story of a scientist obsessed with eugenics who builds an underwater research facility named Darwin Station, investigating an ancient lost city beneath the ocean. This lab has been conducting horrific experiments in an attempt to recreate the lost species of ‘Syrens’ – the legendary inhabitants of the civilisation that once existed in the ruins below. But now, the experiments have gotten loose. You head down into the lab to find out what’s gone wrong, having to use stealth to navigate the complex without being seen, if you do only death awaits.

For Syren Episode 2 HammerheadVR took a completely opposite approach to the first. Players now take on the role of a CIA agent sent into the underwater station to find out why there has been loss of contact with the secondary science team and Navy Seals, who were previously sent in to investigate. The DLC moves away from the stealth and survival gameplay of the first, becoming a more action packed free-roaming shooter, with players now exploring the structure with an array of weapons at their disposal as they learn the CIA is less interested in the experiments but more the mysterious ‘Anomaly’ that sits at the heart of the ruins.

Syren Episode 2

VRFocus reviewed the original title, giving it 4-stars, saying: “Despite some of its flaws on the whole Syren works very well, but because of this there’s not enough. Most players will find the experience too short, easily completed within a couple of hours.” The addition of the second episode did help to address some of the issues relating to the first.

Syren will be available for PlayStation VR on 6th November 2018. For further updates form HammerheadVR, keep reading VRFocus.

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