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Theorem Solutions Bringing Engineering Solutions App Digital Realities And ‘Visualization Pipeline’ Tech To AWE EU 2018

“Integrating these innovative technologies into existing engineering and manufacturing workflows opens up new ways of working.”

While what we would consider to be the ‘main’ events season is now over with the end of this year’s Oculus Connect, there are still a number of events in the pipeline that are set to be of particular interest to those interested in immersive technology.

Digital Realities HoloLens key artOne such event is the 2018 European edition of the Augmented World Expo – better known as AWE – which will be taking place at the MOC Exhibition Centre in Germany from October 18th 2018 through to the 19th. There is, no doubt, a large number of announcements to come from European firms involved in what is increasingly being termed “XR”, and we now have confirmation of at least one firm who will be bringing new experiences not just to virtual reality (VR) via the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) too.

Engineering and manufacturing partner Theorem Solutions – which VRFocus last reported on in January upon the reveal of their unified immersive reality engineering solution app, Digital Realities – will be bringing their range of associated CAD and PLM utilising experiences to AWE EU 2018 along with launching its new ‘Visualization Pipeline’ server technology. 

“To complement our Digital Realities experiences we are also launching our Visualization Pipeline technology, which is a server based technology that rapidly processes CAD data into a wide variety of formats for use in 3D Engines – Unity and Unreal, Photorealistic Rendering or AR/MR/VR tools, applications and with lightweight viewers.” Explains the firm in a statement. “Engineering and Manufacturing businesses are increasingly looking into the benefits of using AR, MR and VR to improve processes and collaboration, cut costs and make access to data easier. The Visualization Pipeline is helping to make that possible with a single application.”

Thoerem Solutions - Digital Realities

“Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality is everywhere at the moment and is making its way from the recreational gaming world into the commercial enterprise world. Integrating these innovative technologies into existing engineering and manufacturing workflows opens up new ways of working, and modernises current processes, futureproofing them as technology evolves, and ultimately saves organisations time and money in the long run.”

Attendees to AWE EU 2018 will be able to try out demonstrations of the upgraded Digital Realities experiences across a number of devices. Theorem Solutions will be locatable at stand #109 during the event.

VRFocus will bring you more news on the goings on at AWE as we get it.

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