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Turner Broadcasting Partners With OmniVirt for VR Ad Campaign

VR advertising campaign aims to promote season two of Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim.

While using virtual reality (VR) for advertising is still something of a contentious topic to many, there are some areas where its use does seem to make sense, particularly when the product you are advertising has much to do with the hazy world of dreams, as is the case for the new advertising campaign for Dream Corp LLC, which is being created as a partnership between Turner Broadcasting and immersive advertising firm OmniVirt.

Dream Corp LLC is a US comedy show that is described as an ‘absurd workplace comedy’. The TV show is set in a dream therapy facility, with the premise that dreams can be recorded and analysed, with a series of eccentric characters turning up to have their dreams analysed by Dr Roberts.

The series is broadcast on Adult Swim, a channel owned by turner Broadcasting. The channel has partnered with OmniVirt in order to create a VR advertising campaign aimed at promoting the second season of the show.

“It felt like virtual reality fit perfectly into this show, which is a sort of wacky show where these doctors are unlocking people’s dreams,” said OmniVert co-founder and chief operating officer Michael Rucker. “The experience of being able to essentially go into your dream takes full advantage of the medium here.”

The advertising campaign features the various characters of the show breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience as if they were patients at the facility. This then sees the viewer enter a surreal three-dimensional world designed to represent a particularly strange dream.

OmniVirt have become one of the most well-known names in immersive advertising, working with several big brands and well-known names such as Disney, Jaguar, EasyJet and Universal pictures.

The company has also conducted research that shows that immersive advertising holds the viewer’s attention more than static advertising, and generates more click-throughs.

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