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Two Years On: PlayStation VR – Applications

Not everything is about videogames – there are other tings you can do with your PlayStation VR.

While the PlayStation 4, and therefore the PlayStation VR are focussed on videogaming, and the closed ecosystem of the PlayStation means that productivity apps and the like are not really the sort of thing that tends to appear on the PlayStation VR, there are still a number of things you can do with a PlayStation VR that doesn’t involve videogames.

Though with PC-based virtual reality (VR) applications for things like virtual desktops or other productivity and work-based apps are in high demand, in the PlayStation VR ecosystem, things tends to be a bit more focussed towards leisure.

One of the biggest apps for PlayStation VR is, of course, YouTube. There are plenty of 360-degree videos available on YouTube which can be enjoyed using the YouTube app, which can be download from the PlayStation Store. Even non-VR YouTube content can be enjoyed using the cinematic mode.

For more cinematic entertainment there are some great animated 360-degree films available, such as INVASION! Or Allumette. INVASION! Is a Pixar-inspired VR animation starring a fluffy white bunny, while Allumette takes inspiration from classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.

There is also Littlestar and Lens, both of which offers 360-degree videos and VR, which both offer a range of experiences from trips to Disneyland to in-depth investigative journalism, featuring content taken from big name partners including National Geographic, Discovery, Showtime and ABC.

One of the big reasons for buying a PlayStation 3 was its ability to work as a blu-ray player. The PlayStation 4 has kept this functionality, but with a PlayStation VR there’s an additional feature you can use – 3D movies. If you happen to have a 3D Blu-Ray in your collection, you can now enjoy it in full 3D without needing a 3D TV, since the PlayStation VR is all you need.

Its also worth noting that if the TV is already in use, you can still turn on the PlayStation VR and enjoy some videogames – even non-VR ones, from within the PlayStation VR without disturbing anyone’s Netflix watching.

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