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VR Arcade

VR Arcade Employs Vicon’s Origin System for new European Locations

The first will be in the Netherlands next month.

Vicon’s revealed its new location-based virtual reality (LBVR) system, Origin, back in August, designed to offer all sizes of VR centre a complete solution. Today, Dutch-based virtual entertainment provider, VR Arcade has announced a partnership with Vicon to use its system in two new European arcades.

Vicon Origin

Vicon’s Origin system consists of four components – Viper cameras, Pulsar tracking clusters, Beacon wireless network receivers and the Evoke software. Designed to be used out of the box to create a fully immersive LBVR setup, Origin will make its first appearance on 17th November in the Netherlands, used to create two massive open gaming areas, where up to five people can freely roam.

“Roaming around a virtual environment with complete freedom of movement is one of the most immersive gaming experiences imaginable, but that hasn’t been easy to create,” said Sander Bos, VR Arcade CEO in a statement. “Vicon offers cutting-edge technology that does exactly what we need it to do out of the box. When we saw the capabilities of Origin, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Located in Delfgauw, Netherlands, the arcade will feature 40 Vicon Viper cameras per area, tracking four Vicon Pulsar active marker clusters on each player in two 240-square-meter free-roam environments. Players will be equipped with a mobile backpack and a VR headset, along with a peripheral device for use in the videogame. Currently, VR Arcade offers experiences developed in-house: Zombie Apocalypse, where players face off against a horde of zombies, and Alien Defense, which challenges participants to defeat waves of alien invaders while determining their weak points.

VR Arcade - VR2

“We are thrilled to see what Origin can do in the hands of innovative and creative minds like the team at VR Arcade,” said Vicon CEO Imogen Moorhouse. “The LBVR market is just in its infancy, and Origin will help developers around the world expand and create things no one has even dreamed of before.”

VR Arcade is currently planning to expand into two additional locations in the Netherlands, followed by an arcade in Germany and additional locations abroad. When further details are available VRFocus will let you know.

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