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YDreams Reveals Status of VR Projects In Corporate Update

YDreams talks about corporate partnerships and Arkrave VR location-based VR project in its corporate update.

Earlier this year YDreams Global Technologies launched Arkrave VR, a turnkey solution for location-based virtual reality (VR). The company has now revealed how Arkrave VR and its other immersive projects are doing in its October monthly corporate update.

The update indicates that Arkrave VR has been well-received where it has been shown at trade shows, and YDreams is working with big-name technology brands including Intel and MixCast.

At the VR/AR Global Summit, Arkrave VR was demonstrated, and the event also presented an opportunity for YDreams to build new relationships with other companies, investors and brands in the VR and AR sectors.

“Playing Arkave was one of my favorite experiences of the VR/AR Global Summit. The high-quality level of social gameplay is as good as it gets, and our team has received significant positive feedback from attendees.” said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder & President, VR/AR Association and VR/AR Global Summit.

Intel’s Virtual Reality Group is also working with YDreams on a high-quality location-based VR experience, as well as working towards enhancing Arkrave VR using wireless headset technology which has been developed in partnership with HTC.

Raj Puran, Director of Client VR Business Development & Strategic Partnerships from Intel stated “Arkave is one of the most compelling and exciting team multiplayer experiences in VR. YDreams and the team behind Arkave have created an innovative approach to Location Based VR and is just a ton of fun to challenge with your friends!”, says Mr. Puran, “We are excited to see this market grow and proud to support a partner like YDreams with our technology roadmap. Their platform is incredible and offers a real turnkey solution to Location Based VR Entertainment.”

The company says it is continuing to build relationships with other companies and brands, such as its new VR project with Petrobras and McLaren. Further information can be found on the YDreams website.

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