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Futuristic VR Playground Coming To Toronto

VRulez VR Arcade will be first in North America to use KatWalk treadmill system.

Canada is rapidly becoming a centre for the roll-out of immersive technology, seeing several location-based virtual reality (VR) centres, and recently the Vancouver International Film Festival hosted a special immersive content exhibition. Now a new VR playground is being opened in Toronto.

VRulez is described as a ‘groundbreaking virtual reality arcade’. It is intended to provide unrestricted access to fully immersive VR experiences, letting players take part in a number of VR worlds, such as slaying demons or exploring deep jungles.

The VR arcade is said to allow users to engage in VR with a wide range of movement without any obstacles. There are a wide range of VR videogames and experiences available, along with a special ‘KatWalk’ machine, a device for enhancing VR which is not currently available anywhere else in Canada.

The KatWalk in an omnidirectional treadmill that means users can walk around through the virtual world in a natural and comfortable way, which in addition to freeing users from having to use controllers for movement, is also said to eliminate many simulation sickness triggers.

Using the KatWalk treadmill means users can walk, run, jump or crouch as they naturally would in the real world, creating a more immersive experience. VRulez staff provide visitors will the required training to ensure that customers can safely use all the equipment to begin exploring the VR world.

For those who enjoy the experience with the KatWalk treadmill, VRulez sells the KatMini, which is a smaller and lighter variant of the KatWalk treadmill that is designed for home use, and is described as being small enough to fit into most rooms.

VRulez is coming to Richmond Hill in downtown Toronto sometime in 2019, and will be the first VR arcade in North American to offer the KatWalk system.

Further information can be found on the VRulez website. For future coverage on new VR arcades, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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