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High Fidelity Launches Virtual Reality Festival FUTVRE LANDS

A festival held entirely in VR is the ambition for High Fidelity’s latest project.

High Fidelity has become known as a premiere social virtual reality (VR) platform where users can come together to enjoy live events like concerts in the virtual company of like-minded fans. Now High Fidelity are aiming to scale up that experience with plans to host its first festival completely in VR.

The festival, titled FUTVRE LANDS, will be entirely in VR and will feature, contests, giveaways and a VR live music show. The event will take place on 17th November, 2018. Fans can watch virtually through the FUTVRE LANDS domain or in-person by visiting High Fidelity’s VR Studio in San Francisco.

The company says that hosting a festival in VR comes with a number of advantages, as fans don’t need to worry about long queues, sudden changes in weather, heat or injuries in crowded front-row areas.

Since the experience will be free and open to the public, it will offer those who have not yet taken the plunge with VR the opportunity to try out a VR social experience. Anyone will be able to access FUTVRE LANDS by using a VR headset, desktop PC or Google Daydream-compatible Android smartphone.

“Our goal is to make High Fidelity an Internet-scale technology that allows anyone to create and share their VR experience in real-time,” said Philip Rosedale, CEO and founder of High Fidelity. “At FUTVRE LANDS, we’ll bring more people in VR together at the same time than ever before. For VR newcomers, it’s a fun way to dive into virtual reality to see what’s possible beyond video gaming. For our community of VR creators, it’s a chance to celebrate VR’s rapid progress toward more mainstream users.”

High Fidelity is presenting FUTVRE LANDS as part of ‘Virtual Reality Day’, a 24-hour series of VR and AR events which is being held in over 50 cities and countries around the world.

High Fidelity

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