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Barebones Game Monetisation

Learn How to Make Your Game Pay With a Free Barebones Game Monetisation Webinar

The Webinar will be taking place tomorrow.

In the highly competitive world of videogames sometimes just creating a decent project isn’t enough to see a return on time and investment. There are a number of different verticals studios need to explore, one of which is understanding videogame monetisation.

Admix Nat GeoWhich is why Oscar Clark, Lead Evangelist at ADMIX – a UK-based virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startup  specialising in non-intrusive advertising – will be holding a couple of free webinars tomorrow, Tuesday, 27th November for interested developers.

Explaining what the online session is all about, an Eventbrite post states: “In this FREE Webinar we will show how, by understanding the underlying anatomy of a game, we can identify the core of what players want; and are happy to pay for. Regardless of the platform or genre; this approach skips directly to the core of what is the best way for developers to engage players and be able to generate the income needed to make the game successful!”

“I’m fed up with pointless arguments about free or paid games and thought it was time we looked at how we can find the best approach for any developer to find the best, fair way to find ways players would be happy to spend,” said Clark in a statement to VRFocus.

Admix Future ARThe ‘Barebones Game Monetisation’ webinar will feature an eight-step process which Clark will explain in greater detail, but it looks like this:

Step 1: What Do Players Value?
Step 2: Where is the Utility?
Step 3: What Form Does That Take?
Step 4: Why Should A Player Act?
Step 5: Why Should They Act Now?
Step 6: What is the Best Exchange?
Step 7: Why Would Players Want Ads?
Step 8: Why Would They Do It Again?

As mentioned the webinar is free but spaces are limited for each session. One takes place at 11am GMT (6am EST), and the other at 5pm GMT (12pm EST). Head on over to the official Eventbrite page to select your preferred time and secure a spot.

ADMIX recently announced that it had managed to raise $2.1 million USD of investment towards its goals of bringing non-intrusive advertising to VR and AR titles. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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