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Disney And OmniVirt - Aladdin In 360

Life In 360°: A Genie’s Offer

Try some of column A, try all of column B…

Some considerable time back on VRFocus (well, six months ago) it was Rebecca that brought you news of a new partnership between Disney – more specifically Disney Theatrical Productions – and OmniVirt. If you’re not familiar with the latter, they’re a company that actually crop up on the site quite often as they deal with advertising campaigns that use both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and they do an awful lot with 360 degree video. 

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoThe partnership produced a promotional campaign for the Aladdin stage show on Broadway, the video made in association with another familiar name: Koncept VR. It featured a recording on stage from the Broadway cast of the Genie’s signature song Friend Like Me, made during a performance.  With the final production embellished with some factoids about the show and some additional production bells and whistles.

While we mentioned the campaign we never actually posted up the finished article, I was saving this for shortly after Christmas but unless things have drastically changed this is set to be the last edition of Life In 360° and the last day of posts on VRFocus. Certainly, for the foreseeable future. So as we’re rapidly approaching this time of year is often associated with the traditional Christmas pantomime (of which Aladdin is a highly popular choice) and you’re aying goodbye to me, let’s rectify that absence of the video.

“Disney Theatrical Productions reached out to Koncept VR, craving a new kind of 360° experience to showcase the hit Broadway musical, Aladdin. Our goal was to do something unique, going beyond what’s already been seen in 360° Broadway videos – we wanted to champion the showmakers!” Explain Koncept VR on the project. “That mission led to the development of animations that not only shared information about the production, but also encouraged the viewer to look all around during the performance. Spectacular visual cues were added to lead the viewer’s gaze…any given moment could reveal a delightful surprise. “

That’s all for now for Life In 360° here on VRFocus. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little jaunt around the various 360 degree videos the web provides. After all, you ain’t never had a friend like 360.

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