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Formula 1

Life In 360°: Last Lap

Kevin E is running out of time, so it’s time to make good on a Formula 1 promise.

So, here we are at the end of what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ week here on VRFocus. There’s not much I can say at this poing other than this is the penultimate Life In 360°. Unless something changes rather drastically.  Which, frankly, would be nice right about now.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoNext Monday is the last Li360 but that’s been in the bag for a little while since it was something I’d actually written long in advance for the Christmas period. That leaves this last slot. Now, a while back we went through the Formula E archive of 360 degree videos as a way of, well…  delaying us before we caught back up with everything that Formula 1 had put out. But since our time is up on this series let’s do just that today and fulfil my vow from a couple of months back.

Since the last time we checked in was at the beginning of July we actually need to go through everything that has happened since the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix.

Onboard With Bottas At Paul Ricard (360 Video) | French Grand Prix

“Not familiar with Circuit Paul Ricard? Join Valtteri Bottas for a few onboard laps from a 2017 Pirelli tyre test and get acquainted with the venue in good time!”

Hamilton’s Pole Lap at Paul Ricard (360 Video) | 2018 French Grand Prix

“Lewis Hamilton became the first man to take pole at a French Grand Prix in ten years on Saturday – jump onboard for a 360 view of the lap that got him there.”

2018 Austrian Grand Prix | Valtteri Bottas’s Pole Lap (360 Video)

“After a glorious qualifying battle, ride onboard with Valtteri Bottas for a glorious lap – a new Spielberg record, and good enough to edge out Lewis Hamilton by just 0.019s…”

Sainz and Grosjean’s Wipeout at Silverstone (360 Video) | 2018 British Grand Prix

“There are two sides to the story – and now 360 angles from which to see it! Take a fresh look at the dramatic collision that brought out the Safety Car at Silverstone.”

Lewis Hamilton Hits Trouble In Qualifying (360 video) | 2018 German Grand Prix

“Get a unique, all-angles view of Lewis Hamilton as he battles with his Mercedes car during qualifying at the Hockenheimring.”

F1 Miami Festival: Renault Live Car Run! (360 video)

“Miami hosted the final F1 Festival of 2018 over the weekend of the US Grand Prix. Jump onboard with Renault as they tear up Biscayne Boulevard!”

And that’s us all up to date! Look out for update throughout today and the weekend and Life In 360° will be back for the final time on Monday.


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