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Niantic Labs Announces Ingress Prime Now Available

Niantic Labs announces the release of overhauled version of location-based AR title, Ingress with Ingress Prime.

Niantic Labs are best known for creating the incredibly popular augmented reality (AR) title Pokemon Go, but before that, Niantic Labs worked on another mobile title called Ingress, which attracted a global audience. Niantic have now announced that Ingress is getting an overhaul.

Now Niantic Labs have analysed the data gathered from working on both Ingress and Pokemon Go as well as listening to feedback from users regarding gameplay design and features. The result of this has been an overhaul of Ingress, titled Ingress Prime.

Ingress first launched in 2012, and ultimately racked up over 20 million downloads worldwide, being available in over 200 countries. The technology pioneered by Niantic in Ingress was then used as the foundation for Pokemon Go.

The company says it has spent six years working on improving Ingress, and are keen to share with both existing and new players to new innovations introduced in Ingress Prime, which are said to build on the multiplayer gameplay, narrative integration and real-world experiences of the original geared towards veteran and new players.

Several quality-of-life improvements have been added to Ingress Prime, such as quick-swipe menus, inventory management, the ability to link a Facebook account as well as new security features. There is also a new training function that will serve as an introduction for new players.

In Ingress, players take on the role of ‘Agents’ of either The Enlightened or The Resistance, who each have their own mission and philosophy. Agents need to learn how to control Portals, areas which are hidden as areas of interest in the real world, in order to extract a powerful resource called Exotic Matter (XM).

Agents can work alongside faction-specific AR programs, which shape the story of Ingress. The outcome of certain key events can be influences by Agents in real-world events, known as Anomalies.

Ingress Prime is available now in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Further information on the app can be found on the Niantic Labs blog.

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