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PolyCube VR

Review: PolyCube

Simple, effective, just watch those hours melt away.

Tetris has a lot to answer for. The highly addictive puzzler has swallowed countless hours of gamer’s lives in the pursuit of highscores and completing just one more line. There have been many adaptions over the years since Nintendo used the title to sell millions of Gameboy’s, with the most notable being Enhance Games’ visual feast, Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR. While Tetris Effect stays reasonably true to the original in terms of gameplay, a new indie release has given the puzzle experience more depth, and that’s PolyCube.

PolyCube VRMuch like the block stacking puzzle videogame of old, PolyCube isn’t a flashy experience in the slightest. It’s a bare-bones, ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of title, with its main hook being that drive to make lines, build multipliers, and score as many points as possible.

Just this time it’s all in 3D, so not only do you have to worry about the height you need to deal with depth, an entire cube in fact. The rules are exactly the same, twist, turn and flip a selection of different shapes to make them fit, with the added difficulty that you’ve got to build an entire layer rather than a line. To aid in this endeavour indie studio {COMPANY_NAME_GOES_HERE} – yes that’s the proper name – has created some extra shapes including single cubes, double cubes and triple length cubes among others.

Whilst these can all be manoeuvred as needed so can the entire stack be turned, enabling you to see all the way around the stack for any gaps that’ve been missed. And this is where PolyCube comes into its own, giving you more to deal with and worry about as those blocks descend ever lower.

PolyCube VR

Played on Oculus Rift using Oculus Touch – PolyCube does support a gamepad option – the sticks are used for moving the blocks while the face buttons do all the turning. The ‘A’ button, on the other hand, facilitates the classic drop, dumping a block quickly into place. At times when frantically trying to position a block, it can be easy to hit A and miss position the cube. In Tetris misplacing a block can be annoying, in PolyCube it can unlock a whole world of problems, which makes it even more fun (or frustrating) depending on how sadistic you are.

To add a bit of variety to proceedings, PolyCube has a few selectable options, from increasing or decreasing the block stacking area to adjusting the difficulty, more than enough for this style of title.

PolyCube is no cakewalk, this is definitely a virtual reality (VR) videogame for the puzzle aficionado. There are no frills, just hardcore block stacking, with the controls more than apt for the purpose. It might not be a showpiece for VR but what the hell it works just fine, and its dirt cheap on Steam which is always nice.

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