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Social VR Platform Agority Acquired by Spinview

Enterprise VR company Spinview buys Agority platform for virtual collaboration.

The social aspects of connected virtual reality (VR) are something that is being explored by a number of companies, most notably Facebook with Facebook Spaces. Now Spinview, a company that concentrates on VR for business use has purchased immersive social platform Agority as part of its continued expansion.

The aim of the purchase is to offer businesses a new way to communicate and collaborate, letting teams inhabit a virtual area together, even if they are miles apart.

Agority was created to offer an effective environment for learning, remote working and team engagement than 2D video conferencing. Spinview says that the purchase of Agority will allow Spinview to offer a deeper experience to its customers.

The software will allow 360-degree video to be combined with social VR functionality, allowing entire teams to meet in a shared virtual space, even though they are far seperated geographically. Spinview have taken note of feedback from Agority users that has shown that being in a VR space and using an avatar, complete with the ability to communicate with voice and gesture and creates a far greater sense of presence and connection.

Co-founder of Agority and now current CTO of Spinview, Greg Roach said: “Agority was designed as a tool to remove friction points within businesses by creating as close to real life connections as possible within a virtual environment. We believe that by showcasing the value of Agority within Spinview, the goal is for it to be used as easily and as regularly as the mouse or mobile phone on your desk. This will complement, not dominate everyday working operations, and offer the right tool for the right job at the right time.”

Spinview CEO Linda Wade comments: “Fundamentally we are all social animals, therefore the science behind the work that Agority have done to create something as close to our natural social interactions as possible is incredibly powerful. As businesses become more environmentally conscious but do not want to compromise on the quality of their work, Spinview can now provide a cost-effective but highly valuable solution across a whole host of industries. We’re incredibly excited to see where this will take us as a business, and feel very fortunate to have Greg alongside us for the journey.”

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