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VR Series Trinity Premieres Today in VR Arcades and Steam/Viveport

This is the pilot episode with four more to come in 2019.

Mixed reality (MR) production studio UNLTD has been working on its five-part series Trinity for a couple of years now, releasing the first debut trailer during SXSW in March 2017. This week sees Trinity make its first public debut, not only coming to VR arcades but also Steam and Viveport.

A 12-minute, live-action, immersive, and interactive virtual reality (VR) experience, the pilot episode of Trinity is available now in over 50 VR arcades across the US thanks to a partnership with VR Junkies. Additional arcades in Canada and China will be added in early December, thanks to partners Ctrl V and DD Space. And thanks to distributor Rex Media  Trinity is coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

“We pride ourselves on offering VR enthusiasts and newcomers access to the best virtual reality games and experiences in our arcade locations,” said Nathan Alder, Director of Licensing of VR Junkies. “Trinity’s state-of-the-art filming techniques and interactivity bring a new level of immersion and entertainment that we are certain our patrons will enjoy.”

A science fiction VR series, the story is set in the future where humans have long been extinct. Androids, the last surviving beings on Earth, are fighting a final war for freedom against an all-powerful A.I., their God. The pilot episode is the first in a five episode series that will continue production in 2019.

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Patrick Boivin directed the production of Trinity with the UNLTD executive team, John Hamilton, Sébastien Gros, and Robert Boulos, using Unity to help create the project.

“Unity’s powerful XR tools empower creators with the capabilities to become the storytellers of tomorrow,” said Isabelle Riva, Head of Made with Unity. “We applaud the team behind Trinity for delivering a truly immersive and entertaining experience with Unity, and we hope it will inspire other creators to delve into the world of real-time and virtual reality cinema.”

If you don’t happen to be in the US to see Trinity at one of the VR arcades, the experience will be available for purchase later today through the Steam store and Viveport for $4.99 USD. For further updates as the episodes progress, keep reading VRFocus.

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