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VR Darts Challenge

Watch Pros Try Their Hand at VR Darts

Virtual darts turns out to be harder than the real thing.

Virtual reality (VR) can provide highly realistic simulations of the best sports but even then they can still be hard to master. So Betway decided to challenge two professionals at their own game, namely classic pub game Darts, to see if it was just as easy for them in the virtual world.

VR Darts Rob Cross

The challenge saw world No. 1 Michael van Gerwen go head-to-head against reigning world champion Rob Cross to a fun casual match. All the pair had to do was score as many points as possible using nine darts, and as you’ll see from the video below this wasn’t as easy as it looks.

Using an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers the pair had to find their form quickly to succeed, going against their natural instinct of holding a dart and throwing it. This led to some comical moments – and some dirty tricks – as the competitive duo waged a virtual dart war.

VR is used in a number of sports to aid training such as the NFL for example. This is possibly the first time darts professionals have used the technology to see those best. For any further sporting mashups involving VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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