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Windlands 2

Windlands 2 Will Soar Onto Steam This Friday

The HTC Vive version had originally been dated for 2019.

A couple of months ago Psytec Games released the sequel to Oculus Rift launch title Windlands, advancing its grappling hook mechanics with Windlands 2. At the time the studio stated that versions for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR would be coming in 2019, but that date has now been brought forward, for HTC Vive at least, to this week.

Windlands 2 - ScreenshotVery much an intense virtual reality (VR) experience right from the off, Windlands 2 core gameplay involves swinging from trees, buildings, basically anything the dual grappling hooks can attach themselves to, to explore the wide open areas. In addition to the swinging locomotion, players can also engage in some parkour style platforming to get to awkward locations hiding secrets.

To improve on the original title Windlands 2 can be played in single-player mode and with friends via four-layer co-op. There’s also the addition of Titans to the levels, putting not only your grappling hook skills to the test but also your aiming skills. To take down these monsters you’ll need to shoot highlighted areas whilst avoiding their attacks.

Psytec Games didn’t stop there either. To keep things interesting there are optional skill based Speed Run Races and collection challenges with leaderboards, as well as multiple advanced modes, including “no hooks”, “one life” and “hook anything”. On top of that, there are collectables and Easter Eggs to find, plus achievements that reward exploration with new hooks as rewards for those who like to find everything.

Windlands 2 - ScreenshotThe launch on Steam will take place this Friday, 16th November, supporting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It also seems to be one of the first videogames to announce support for Steam’s Knuckles controllers (Steam Input V2), as and when they become available.

Currently, Pystec Games are keeping quiet regarding the launch date for PlayStation VR. When that happens VRFocus will let you know.

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