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Steam preview KnucklesDV

Valve Begins Shipping its new Knuckles DV Controllers to Devs

The previous EV3 prototype has seen several improvements.

Valve is developing its Knuckles controllers at a lightning pace as the company has just revealed the latest iteration, the Knuckles DV.

Valve KnucklesEV3 Controllers
Valve Knuckles EV3 Controllers

The company only revealed the Knuckles EV3 controller prototypes back in September, sending them out to developers upon request. Now the Knuckles DV dev-kits are available, with Valve acknowledging the work done by virtual reality (VR) studio: “we’ve seen great engagement and received a bunch of feedback from VR developers around the world.”

Naturally, the Knuckles DV controllers have had several tweaks and adjustments over the EV3 prototype, these are:

Updates to Knuckles DV

Cap Sense

• Capacitive sensors have been rearranged to accommodate more hand sizes
• Firmware has been updated to take advantage of the new sensors


• Trigger spring strength increased
• Trigger click feel improved


• Increased durability of strap adjustment connector
• Strap adjust feel improved


• Fast charging improved
• Fixed pairing bugs
• Improved stability


• Thumbstick feel improved
• Force sensor variation reduced
• LED light leakage minimized
• Improved fit and finish
• Improved reliability

Steam preview KnucklesDV
Valve Knuckles DV Controllers

There’s still no word yet on whether Valve has a launch window just yet for the controllers, but with such quick progress, an announcement can’t be far off.

As before, Valve is encouraging developers to get in touch if they want a dev-kit. “To request a Knuckles DV kit, please log into the Steamworks Partner Site and look for the Request Beta Hardware link on your landing page,” Valve notes on the Knuckles Steam page. “While we have Knuckles DV kits available in quantity, we will be unable to fulfill all requests. The team will hold on to dev-kit requests and developer information for any future releases.”

As Valve continues to make progress on the Knuckles controllers, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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