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Disruptive Games Working on a Trial Version of PlayStation VR Moba Megalith

There’s no release date just yet.

Last week during the start of the year chaos that is CES 2019, Disruptive Games launched its PlayStation VR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title Megalith. While the feedback has been positive, the studio is looking to improve certain aspects for players, revealing work on a trial version as well as additional updates.


As a lot of developers soon discover when dealing with online multiplayer videogames for virtual reality (VR), keep ing experience populated can be a struggle. Which is why Disruptive Games is working on a trial version to encourage more players over, it’ll be completely free and allow them to play with those who have bought the full version. They’ll also be able to earn in-game currency and unlock skins that will carry over to the full videogame if they chose to purchase it.

There is, of course, one small caveat to the free trial. Players will be restricted to a hero rotation system and won’t have full access to the Titans unless they purchase the title.

And for players who’ve already purchased Megalith, the studio is working on improving expansion Titan unlocks. Currently, Titans can only be purchased through the store but in a future update, they’ll become purchasable via earned in-game currency. Meaning players will have the choice of grinding towards a free Titan unlock or spending some cash to do it instantly.

MegalithDetailing all these changes in a Reddit posting, Disruptive Games went on to say: “We believe these upcoming changes will help reward players for their time investment as well open the gates for new players to experience Megalith. The ability to earn Thorn and Shade via earned currency will be released soon after the trial is deployed. We will share more information as we approach the release of these features.”

At the moment Disruptive Games has yet to give a concrete date regarding when the trial version will be released.

In Megalith, players can choose from a selection of Titans to take into battle in teams of two, with the purpose being to destroy opponents using a range of special abilities. However, the videogame isn’t just about Titans fighting each other. Teams need to help their minions attack opponents defences, destroying walls and towers to aid their forces as much as possible. When more information has been released, VRFocus will let you know.

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