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It’s a Beat Saber vs. Electronauts Mashup in This MR Video

DJ Nicky and Skykiwi both showcase their skills.

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition right? And what better way of showcasing two of the best music infused virtual reality (VR) titles than a jam battle. That’s exactly what YouTube channel Splitverse did this week with Survios’ Electronauts and Beat Games’ Beat Saber

The channel invited DJ Nicky to record a remixed track via Electronauts which was then tracked mapped on Beat Saber for pro player SkyKiwi – who also created ChromaToggle which adds features like dual sabers – to try his hand at completing.

Showcasing great skills from both DJ Nicky and what you can do with Electronauts to SkyKiwi’s mastery of 2018’s VR sensation Beat Saber, the piece is one of the best mixed reality (MR) videos VRFocus has seen.

If you happened to be sleeping under a rock for 2018 then you’ll be excused for missing the release of Beat Saber in May for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. With a simple mechanic of slicing coloured blocks to music, the title captured the imagination of VR gamers everywhere with a whole modding community growing up around it.

This helped sustain the title as Beat Games worked on the PlayStation VR version which arrived towards the end of last year.

Electronauts , on the other hand, was designed by Survios to allow anyone to remix and play with tracks, no matter their skill level. Using its Music Reality Engine, players can alter and put in new sounds and beats which will always be perfectly in time to the music. The videogame achieved a full five stars in VRFocus’ review which said: “Survios has managed to do what few VR developers have done, secure a hat trick of quality titles that should be in everyone’s library. Electronauts   combines a wonderfully elaborate yet perfectly simple gameplay design alongside some of the best dance tunes from around the world, making for a videogame that will have you playing for hours and wanting ‘just one more go.’”

Check out the jam battle video below, and for more updates on either title, keep reading VRFocus.

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