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The Mage’s Tale is ‘Coming Soon’ to PlayStation VR

There’s no firm released date just yet.

One of the big Oculus Rift releases in 2017 came by way of inXile Entertainment and its fantasy role-playing game (RPG)  The Mage’s Tale. The studio followed this up with an HTC Vive launch in 2018 and has now reconfirmed the PlayStation VR version is still in development.

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A new trailer has appeared on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, simply stating that The Mage’s Tale is ‘coming soon’ which is the most recent mention that work is still progressing since its last announcement in March 2018.

The Mage’s Tale casts players as a wizard’s apprentice. Their master Mage Alguin has been kidnapped by the evil wizard, Gaufroi, and to save him they need to complete a series of dungeons. From the sewers of Skara Brae to the living tombs of evil Charm, there are puzzles, traps and all manner monsters that aim to put an end to the quest.

Offering the ability to craft hundreds of spells, The Mage’s Tale should offer players around 10+ hours of gameplay, with a musical score produced and composed by Ged Grimes of Simple Minds. It also features some of the top Gaelic singers in the world such as the Elidh Mackenzie, Fiona Mackenzie, Kathleen MacInnes, and Peigi Barker (voice of Merida in the film Brave).

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In VRFocus’ review of The Mage’s Tale in which he said: “The Mage’s Tale is a really good magical adventure that really puts you into the heart of the experience. The story provides hours worth of gameplay and the potion creation side adds even more fun, mixing and matching various items to see what they do. If you’ve been looking for a decent fantasy RPG then you can’t go too far wrong with this.”

The PlayStation VR version was slightly put in doubt when inXile Entertainment announced in November that it had been acquired by Microsoft to join a selection of other developers under the Microsoft Studios banner. This has turned out not to be the case, with inXile Entertainment still retaining its creative freedoms. The studio does also have an unannounced open-world VR survival RPG in development, so hopefully, more will be revealed this year. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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