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Get Building With VR Puzzler Gadgeteer’s Free Beta Demo

There’s a contest to enter for the best chain reaction machine.

Ever love building domino sets or watching that Honda commercial where one contraption would activate by hitting another? Well if you do then Metanaut has the virtual reality (VR) videogame for you, Gadgeteer. Originally called Ruberg back in 2016, the title was rebranded last year and today you can get your first hands-on test with a free beta demo. 


Gadgeteer is a physics-based puzzle experience that challenges you to build all sorts of weird and wonderful chain reaction machines. Featuring two game modes: sandbox and puzzle, the latter includes 60 puzzles to solve with a story revolving around the disappearance of a brilliant mad scientist. While both modes feature over 50 unique gadgets to build those crazy machines, and three toolheads to create, edit and destroy creations.

”Some of our fans have been following the development of our game since our first Reddit post over two years ago”, claims Peter Kao, Co-Founder and CEO at Metanaut in a statement. “After hearing their opinions about our game, we’ve expanded our team and have made huge improvements”.

The Gadgeteer Beta Demo which is available now will give you a taste of what’s to come, with just the sandbox mode available in a small area. The full version will take place in an apartment-sized environment filled with interesting surfaces, furniture, and everyday objects to build on.


And to mark the launch of the demo, Metanaut has launched a competition. Between now and 26th March 2019, the studio will be giving away prizes to the top 3 chain reaction builders. All you need to do is build something and share it. Each winner will receive a Steam key of Gadgeteer as well as a Klutz – Lego Chain Reaction Kit. For further details on how to enter follow this link.

Winners will be announced on 16th April 2019. Gadgeteer is due to launch in April via Steam solely for HTC Vive. For further updates from the team, keep reading VRFocus.

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