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Jupiter & Mars

Gorgeous Neon Seascape Jupiter & Mars Surfaces This Spring

A new story trailer has arrived.

It’s been a while since VRFocus last heard new details regarding Tigertron’s PlayStation VR exclusive, Jupiter & Mars,  with the title appearing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2018 as well as a couple of other events in the US and Europe. This weekend the studio released a brand new story trailer for the title, which also unveiled a launch window, Spring 2019.

Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars is sort of like a dolphins eye view of the world after the human race has managed to wipe itself out because of climate change, by flooding the entire planet. You play as Jupiter, one half of a pair of dolphins – the other being Mars –  who happens to have enhanced echolocation powers that let her see through murky waters, beyond solid objects, and into the heart of the deepest oceans.

The duo encounters the Elders, an ancient and powerful race of whales, who ask them to help save the oceans from the last mankind’s mechanical legacy by shutting down a global network of semi-functioning bases and machines that are disrupting sea life. To achieve this they must explore five distinct biomes, from tropical islands to sunken underwater cities. Both Jupiter and Mars offer their own unique abilities to help solve the puzzles that lay ahead. While Jupiter has echolocation, Mars has a Ram ability, to get out of tight spots, to bust open a wall, or to pop that oyster shell open and discover hidden secrets throughout the videogame.

Jupiter & Mars aims to blend immersive storytelling and interactive entertainment with information regarding how the human race is treating the oceans, which might be vast expanses of water but at the same time are fragile eco-systems that can be irreversibly damaged by humanity if nothing changes.

Jupiter and Mars - Screenshot

Jupiter & Mars is being developed in partnership with ocean organizations SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation, who are providing the experience with exclusive content. The title is now scheduled for a Spring 2019 launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Check out the new story trailer below, and for any further updates on the videogame ahead of the upcoming launch, as always, keep reading VRFocus.

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