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Area of Darkness: Sentinel

Area of Darkness: Sentinel Steam Release Delayed Until April

The studio also plans to support PlayStation VR.

Initially announcing its debut virtual reality (VR) title Area of Darkness: Sentinel back in January, Rematch Studios aimed to bring its psychological thriller to PC VR at the end of February. That never happened, with the studio this week stating that the release will now take place in April. 

Area of Darkness: Sentinel

Via a Steam post, Rematch Studios explains: “We’re moving our release date by a few weeks to April 9th. As AoD:S is our first game, we want to make sure it’s in the best and most polished state possible before putting it into your hands!”

From the details released so far Area of Darkness: Sentinel looks to be a promising experience, an action adventure like Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. Taking place in the 1970s the story involves Dr. Anne Evans as she leaves her home in New York to travel to one of the last remaining untouched places in the world, the Sentinal Islands.

Here players will have to fight for survival as well as solving clues to learn more about these strange lands. And of course, no adventure story would be complete without some ancient relics to find and evil villains that want to get in your way.

Area of Darkness: Sentinel

Rematch Studios has created a 135-page script with decisions that affect the storyline and multiple endings. Players will find themselves parachuting from a plane at 30,000 feet, fighting supernatural creatures using melee-based combat system, and much more. And to ensure they’re completely immersed, the studio has included a full body view – no floating hands – and a physical inventory system, so there’s no need for menus.

While the team is working towards that April release date for PC VR, they’re also working on a non-VR version and have plans to support PlayStation VR, saying in a Reddit post: “we have a psvr dev kit…gonna get to it after we polish/bugfix the pc release.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Area of Darkness: Sentinel reporting back with any further updates ahead of launch.

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