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Brighton Startup GOVR Opens VR Cafe in the City

Relax, enjoy some coffee and play some VR.

GOVR, a virtual reality (VR) startup running meetup events around Brighton, UK, is celebrating its two-year anniversary this week by announcing a permanent place of residence. Having held plenty of pop-up events at 18 locations around the city, GOVR has now found a home on the first floor above Presuming Ed Coffee house.


Having held its first VR gaming night in 2017, GOVR now aims to offer Brightonians affordable and inclusive VR experiences in a casual café setting. Featuring four VR play areas in an open plan setting, GOVR will feature videogames Fallout 4 VR, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and award-winning, Brighton-made MakeReal’s Loco Dojo. The VR café will also host GOVR’s popular gaming nights, tournaments and networking events.

“When we were first putting on pop up VR events – back when we’d carry our own home computers to the pub down the road – most of the people attending our events had never been in VR before. We were all excited to experience anything in VR. People’s appetites for VR has changed a lot since then. People coming to our events want something more than a quick adrenaline rush, they want something they can really sink their teeth into,” said Gianandrea Manfredi, co-founder of GOVR, in a statement.

“At the moment, you’ve got the people making VR headsets and experiences on the one side doing their best to bring down the entry cost to VR and on the other side you’ve got a lot of people still finding it too expensive or complicated to access VR. In the middle are the VR arcades. What we’ve been saying with our pop up VR events is that you can deliver high-quality VR experiences in an affordable and inclusive way. The new VR café is our opportunity to prove it and shake things up.”


Brighton’s eccentric and independent Presuming Ed Coffee House has been open since 2015, an alcohol licensed coffee house which is home to theatre performances, lectures, music gigs and much more.

Head to the official GOVR website for further info and to book a VR session. For the latest updates on the VR scene in the UK, keep reading VRFocus.

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