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The Wizards Enhanced Edition

Feel Like a Sorcerer as The Wizards – Enhanced Edition Appears on PlayStation VR

PC VR players also get the new content.

Today sees the launch of The Wizards – Enhanced Edition by Carbon Games, bringing the spell conjuring experience to PlayStation VR for the first time as well as updating the original PC version of the title.

The Wizards Enhanced Edition

Originally released for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in March 2018, the new The Wizards – Enhanced Edition has been expanded upon, with the studio increasing the size of the campaign by adding an additional level and cutscene. Also included are checkpoints, character customisation, and other features and accessibility options which have been polished or added at the request of the PlayStation VR community.

So PlayStation VR players will now be able to enjoy an approximately six-hour single-player campaign, with online leaderboards adding a further competitive edge, while game modifiers called Fate Cards help to change the gameplay, even more, altering the difficulty and other rules like the “Easy Prey” Fate Card which makes players start with 1HP, but dramatically increases the score multiplier.

Checkpoints will certainly make things easier, with the glove customisation adding a little flair to proceedings. But just like before The Wizards – Enhanced Edition is still all about the magic, letting players learn and cast six elemental-based spells which can then be further upgraded.

The Wizards Enhanced Edition

And once the main campaign has been completed, there’s always the chance to test those skills in the Arena mode, offering endless battles that can challenge even the most hardened of wizards.

While the videogame is arriving today for PlayStation VR, Carbon Studio hasn’t forgotten its PC fans by making all of this content available for free if they already own the title.

VRFocus gave the original The Wizards a worthy four-star review last year, saying: “If you want to feel like an all-powerful sorcerer then The Wizards is up there with the best, an entertaining adventure that will make non-VR players jealous.”

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition is now on PlayStation Store, Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport retailing for $24.99 USD / €24.99 EUR/ £19.99 GBP, supporting English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, with Japanese and Chinese (simplified) also on the PC version. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Carbon Studio and The Wizards, reporting back with any further updates.

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