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Stress Level Zero’s Latest VR Title Boneworks is an Experimental Physics Game

It’s due out at some point this year.

After releasing multiplayer shooter Hover Junkers in 2016, and then twisted horror experience Duck Season a year later, virtual reality (VR) developer Stress Level Zero has remained fairly quiet. Now, the studio has revealed its latest project which is taking physics mechanics to the extreme, Boneworks.


Described as a “narrative VR action adventure using advanced experimental physics mechanics,” Boneworks certainly looks to be taking physical interaction in VR as seriously as possible. Whether that’s interacting with guns, climbing walls smashing boxes and even jumping, the team has created a holodeck/lab style environment that’s all about going back to basics and figuring out what does what.

“Approach combat in any number of ways you can think off following the physical rules of the game’s universe. Melee weapons, firearms, physics traps, environments, can all be used to aid you in fights with enemy entities,” proclaims the team. Weaponry from bog-standard guns, swords, axes, clubs, spears and hammers, to experimental energy weapons, nonsensical mystery tools, and anomalous physics weapons.

Purely single-player, there’s also something much weirder going on than just playing with weapons and shooting enemies as you’ll see from the debut trailer, with a story involving a mysterious company called Monogon Industries. You’ll need to explore the deep inner workings of the artificial intelligence operating system; Myth OS.


Boneworks seems to be Stress Levels Zero’s biggest and boldest VR experience to date, expanding upon the two previous titles shooting mechanics even further. How well all the physics mechanics hold up remains to be seen, but the video does certainly look impressive.

Currently listed on Steam, indicating support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, there’s no launch date just yet, just that Boneworks is expected at some point this year. This may be one experience for the more advanced VR player as Stress Level Zero does also note on the listing: “This game demonstrates advanced VR mechanics and concepts, players are recommended to have previous VR experience and understanding of common VR gameplay principles before proceeding.”

As VRFocus learns more about Boneworks we’ll let you know.

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