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World War Toons Developer Studio Roqovan has Closed

The World War Toons IP will live on.

It’s never easy being a videogame developer, especially when you focus on creating virtual reality (VR) content. Originally called Reload Studios before changing its name to Studio Roqovan, the team created one of the most well known multiplayer titles for the launch of PlayStation VR, World War Toons. But things have been a little quiet of late and now the studio has confirmed it’s no more.

World War Toons screenshot

In a post, via the World War Toons Facebook page, the team announced a new version of the title World War Toons VR Arcade Experience which would will be hitting Korean arcades first before being made available in further territories. The new title’s publishing and updates will now be handled by Korea Telecom.

The studio explains that the videogame is: “a full on room scale 1~4 player co-op multiplayer VR arcade game. It’s completely new content that takes place in the near present time in World War Toons lore where our heroes battle against the remnant roque enemies.”

So while the good news is that World War Toons lives on, the rest of the update takes a downward spiral. Having announced a Metal Slug aspect of the experience last year, that idea has now been shelved because: “Issues arose that unfortunately could not be resolved.”

Stunt CORGI screenshot_04

Of course, the saddest news is that Studio Roqovan has now shuttered permanently. “We really tried our best to make the game happen, but it wasn’t to be,” said the post. “Thank you so much for all your support. We are extremely disappointed with how things have turned out too, but all your support have always helped us to move forward.”

The World War Toons IP will live on at another company but Studio Roqovan CEO and founder James Chung has confirmed it won’t be Korea Telecom as it only has the location-based entertainment (LBE) distribution rights for two years. VRFocus wishes the team all the best for the future, and when further details on World War Toons arrive we’ll let you know.

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