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Zero Caliber

Zero Caliber VR has the Oculus Store in its Sights This Month

The tactical shooter will come with the latest Steam updates.

XREAL Games’ Zero Caliber VR entered Steam Early Access in November 2018, giving virtual reality (VR) gamers another choice in the ever growing field of tactical first-person shooters (FPS). Today, the studio has announced that the title will be heading to Oculus Store later this month.

Zero Caliber

The release for Oculus Store will still be in Early Access, featuring all the latest content and updates. In a recent posting on Steam, XREAL Games outlined how it plans on improving Zero Caliber VR, with the next update being a major overhaul. A big chunk of that will be for the AI system – both for enemies and teammates. The studio acknowledges that the current AI isn’t up to scratch so the AI behaviour and animations are getting reworked to be much more lifelike. Plus, the aiming system will be upgraded so the characters move smoothly rather than there current choppy fashion.

Being an intense FPS movement is highly important, not only for gameplay but also comfort. Having already implemented a ‘Comfort Mode’, the next update will slow everything down to further improve the comfort – strafing, crouching, moving backwards. Additionally, depending on weapon type, players will only be able to run when they’re not aiming.

As well as improving AI and movement XREAL Games will be altering the campaign’s first map ‘Timber’ to make it less performance intensive, a setup guide will be introduced to help make all the setting less bewildering, hand animations are being improved, and a new gun is being added, the Steyr AUG assault rifle.

Zero Caliber

That’s not all the team has planned. They’re already working on two new singleplayer/coop maps, with PvP mode in the works too, which could be in a beta-ready state next month.

Zero Caliber VR will be released on the Oculus Store on 15th March, which should be the same day as the Steam update. Cross-platform co-op mode between Oculus Store and Steam won’t work initially, with XREAL Games saying the feature should be available reasonably soon after launch. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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