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E3 2019 Interview: Oculus’ Jason Rubin

VRFocus sat down with the new VP of Special Gaming Initiatives to learn more about what’s happening at Oculus.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was very much a mixed bag this year. When it came to the official press conferences virtual reality (VR) was almost non-existent with Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot the only notable exception. Thankfully, on the show floor, things were a little different with Oculus returning to the fold with an impressive stand which had quirky photo opportunities on the outside, and lots of VR titles on the inside. Also wandering the booth was Jason Rubin, the new  VP of Special Gaming Initiatives, so VRFocus managed to nab him for a quick interview.

Oculus Quest Lifestyle 1

With so many leadership changes over the last couple of years, Rubin has become the unofficial face of Oculus in VRFocus’ book. When Palmer Luckey went his separate way it sort of left a void which was never properly filled. Brendan Iribe was there for a while but he’s gone, replaced by Hugo Barra, who has transitioned into the role of VP for AR/VR Partnerships. This has meant Eric Tseng, previously Director of AR/VR product management at Facebook is now at the helm.

The likes of John Carmack and Michael Abrash are still there, yet in his previous role as VP of Content, Rubin was almost always at every event Oculus attended. This longevity has seen Rubin play a part in Oculus’ most significant announcements, which of course most recently includes the launch of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.

Even though both arrived on the same day it’s been the standalone Oculus Quest that has seemingly gained the most traction with consumers and press alike. The standard of the hardware, as well as the high-quality content available, has ensured a successful launch by all accounts – no official sales figures have been released.

Oculus Rift S Lifestyle 1

VRFocus discusses this with Rubin including a matter he was keen to clear up, content curation on Oculus Store for Quest. There has been significant debate regarding the difficulty some developers have found getting their VR titles onto the store, and the strict measures Oculus has put in place.

To hear what Jason Rubin had to say on the matter and more, check out the video below. And for further Oculus coverage including Oculus Connect 6 (OC6), keep reading VRFocus.

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