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Sniper Elite VR

E3 2019 Interview: Rebellion Shows a Keen Eye for Sniper Elite VR Perfection

VRFocus had a chat with Rebellion’s Steve Bristow about the upcoming title.

There were a few good virtual reality (VR) games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 last month, and one of VRFocus’ favourites was Sniper Elite VR. In development by Rebellion – the British studio which owns the franchise and the team behind VR title Battlezone – Sniper Elite VR is currently in an early stage of development so VRFocus caught up with Assistant Head of Design Steve Bristow to find out more.

Sniper Elite VR

Three months ago Rebellion released a video featuring CEO Jason Kingsley, who made several announcements regarding the Sniper Elite franchise. The VR version will be similar in design to Sniper Elite 4 (the most recent installment) set in the same Mediterranean conflict in Italy. Rebellion is working with indie studio Just Add Water (Oddworld, Gravity Crash) on the project, with the title getting its own unique storyline.

Set to feature new maps and an array of authentic WWII era weaponry, from sniper rifles to sub-machine guns and pistols, Sniper Elite VR will also include a famous staple of the series, the iconic X-Ray Kill Cam sequences. VRFocus managed to see some of this in action thanks to Rebellion taking an early demo to E3 2019, showcasing the title on PlayStation VR using a PlayStation Aim controller (the videogame will also support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets).

In VRFocus’ initial assessment the preview noted: “From start to finish Sniper Elite VR certainly impressed, from the gun handling to the movement and visual design. It honestly didn’t feel as early in development as Rebellion was claiming it was, which certainly bodes well for the final product.”

Sniper Elite VR E3 2019

After the demo, Bristow was on hand to answer a few questions regarding the development of Sniper Elite VR and what fans can expect to see (spoiler, he doesn’t mention a release date) including the various other control methods outside of PlayStation Aim (which felt very natural).

Check out the full interview below, or take a look at VRFocus’ other interviews from E3 2019 with Oculus’ Jason RubinVertigo Games, Gearbox SoftwareReady at Dawn, nDreams and Digital Lode. For further Sniper Elite VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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