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Jam Studio VR

Jam Studio VR Creates an Enterprise Edition of its Education & Health Care App

Beamz Interactive will also roll out a VR solution for classrooms.

Jam Studio VR started out as a virtual reality (VR) app to perform music, with developer Beamz Interactive broadening its approach last year with the release of Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care EditionNow the studio has taken that a step further with a new ‘Enterprise’ edition filled with dozens of fun learning and therapeutic songs.

Jam Studio VR screenshot

The Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Enterprise Edition is designed for all ages and abilities, especially suited to elementary and middle school students, as well as individuals with a variety of special needs, disabilities or undergoing rehab.

There are a variety of games, exercises and experiences covering education, physical, cognitive, sensory, communicative, and life-skill topics. Users will find detailed lesson plans, an Overview Therapy Guide; a Professional Therapy Protocols Guide; a Music Instrument, Music Appreciation, and Music Fundamentals Education Series; a math series including times tables, addition and subtraction and an interactive story book series.

“Our goal is to create a whole new category of education & health care music, learning, & therapy  applications and content that take advantage of Virtual Reality and Beamz technology to bring a new learning and therapy approach to a wide range of schools, after school and camp programs, therapy centers, various special needs programs, and much more. We believe the Jam Studio VR’s Education & Health Care Enterprise Edition delivers on this potential!,” said Charlie Mollo, Beamz Interactive’s CEO in a statement. “Using our advanced triggering and synchronization technology and IP position, we’re able to create a truly unique interactive music experience that makes it easy and exciting to engage people of all ages and skill levels and provide a broad variety of learning and therapy benefits while they are just having fun.”

Jam Studio VR

“Jam Studio VR is a highly motivating, engaging activity for our students, especially those that have fine and gross motor challenges, spatial awareness challenges, significant sensory challenges, and impulsivity challenges,” comments Matt Drowne, Head of Gateway Academy. This VR App and the process of having them wait in line brings their vestibular and other senses into play in order to engage and has been outstanding. It’s a highly discreet way to address all of those deficits for them in a way that they’re working harder than they probably would just to have the opportunity to do that.”

Additionally, Beamz Interactive has partnered with ByteseedVR to bring VR into the classroom by providing several solutions including a portable VR cart with an HTC Vive system as well as professional training. Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Enterprise Edition will cost $199 USD, while the VR system solutions, including the App, will range from $2,600 to $3,800. For further updates on Jam Studio VRkeep reading VRFocus.

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