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Beat Saber

Don’t Like the Colour’s in Beat Saber? Soon You’ll get to Pick Them

The feature will be in the next update.

Rhythm action title Beat Saber might be one of the most well known virtual reality (VR) titles of the moment but that doesn’t mean to say the videogame can’t be improved. Today, Beat Games has announced that its latest update will include a colour picker to customise and make your gameplay experience even more vivid.

The studio took to Twitter to reveal its latest feature which will offer players a versatile colour picker for items like the cubes, lights and walls. While this may seem like an ancillary addition to the experience, the response on Twitter shows that it’s highly sort after.

Another important aspect of being able to choose what colours are shown in the videogame relate to colour blindness. The standard red and blue might be fine for most players but for those who are unable to differentiate between the two (or struggle with certain hues), having the option to alter this aspect should open up the gameplay and make those expert levels easier to perfect.

Beat Games hasn’t confirmed when the update will arrive, just that when it does the colour picker will be included. And yes it will be for all versions including PlayStation VR. The studio does try to ensure both PC and console versions of the title are identical but that’s not always possible. Most notable is the Level Editor. This feature is only available for the PC edition, with no plans to bring it to PlayStation VR.

Beat Saber Origins

Beat Saber emerged out of Early Access for PC-based VR headsets in May, one year after its initial release – and at the same time as Oculus Quest. The PlayStation VR version arrived in November 2018 as a full release. The most recent update arrived a couple of weeks ago, with three new tracks added by Camilla (Crystallized, Cycle Hit, HAT THE CAT!?).

When VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Beat Saber it received a full five-star, remarking: “The Oculus Rift version is as good as ever and now offers even more value for money thanks to the new features, it is a little shame that there’s no cross-buy support for Oculus Quest. Either version of Beat Saber is great for new and veteran VR fans alike.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Beat Saber, reporting back with the latest updates.

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