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The Wizards - Dark Times

Gamescom 2019 Interview: Darkness Falls on The Wizards

Learn more about Carbon Studio’s next project.

The second title from Carbon Studio, The Wizards launched in 2018 and proved to be a decent magical combat experience using gesture-based spells. A couple of months ago during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 the studio revealed an expansion of that universe, The Wizards – Dark Times, an add-on to the original but produced and to be sold as a standalone expansion. During the hecticness of Gamescom 2019 last week VRFocus had a chance to chat with Carbon Studio about the title and what to expect.

The Wizards - Dark Times

The Wizards – Dark Times takes everything the developer learnt from the previous videogame and looks to improve the gameplay whilst polishing every aspect of the experience. While set in the same universe players will travel in time to a new era, offering new enemies to face as well as new spells to master.

One of the main gripes players had about the first title was the restrictive arena-based fights, locking them into a location until every monster was dead. This time around Carbon Studio wants the gameplay experience to be more of an adventure, so players will encounter enemies as they wander through forests and other environments using both teleportation and smooth locomotion mechanics.

Another important part of The Wizards were the gesture-based spells. Performing certain hand actions would produce fireballs, shields and bows. Those actions have been refined to make them easier to cast whilst the elemental effects have been enhanced. For example, hit an enemy with an ice blast and it slows them, a second time and their frozen. Follow that up with a fireball to melt the ice and now that they’re covered in water a quick blast with some lightning has an even greater effect.

The Wizards - Dark Times

VRFocus spoke with Carbon Studio’s Marketing Director Piotr Gala about the title, learning that players who haven’t played the original needn’t worry as The Wizards – Dark Times is a standalone experience. While those that have should feel right at home.

The Wizards – Dark Times is scheduled to launch in Q1 2020 for PC VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, while a separate version is being developed for Oculus Quest. Check out the trailer below and for further updates on The Wizards – Dark Times keep reading VRFocus.

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