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Undead Citadel

Gamescom 2019 Interview: Fighting the Hordes in Undead Citadel

Learn more about Dark Curry’s upcoming project.

Melee combat can be brutal and very satisfying in virtual reality (VR), actually feeling like you’re swinging a sword or blocking a blow with a shield. Currently, Spanish studio Dark Curry is in the process of developing its next virtual reality (VR) title  Undead Citadel which is all about cleaving monsters with any dangerous object to hand. The team attended Gamescom 2019 to showcase an early demo and naturally VRFocus had a play and chat to find out more.

Undead Citadel

Set in medieval times of knights, castles and grand quests you play a battle-weary soldier who is looking for a place to rest and recuperate. Spotting a town you head inside looking for shelter and food, yet all you find is death and destruction, a settlement crumbling and apparently empty…but not for long.

Undead Citadel is unapologetically a brutal first-person combat experience, there’s a storyline revolving around finding what happened but mostly its all about hacking undead enemies into little bits. There are two modes, the campaign itself and a horde mode for those who love endless arena battles. The campaign is very much an adventure where players do have to explore to find new weapons, potions and other secrets.

While there is a bow, most of the weapons are melee-based, swords, axes, hammers, maces and alike. To make the combat realistic and visceral Dark Curry has employed a physics system allowing limbs to be removed with a quick slice here or dice there. And there’s no keeping hold of a favourite weapon, they can all break, each one taking a particular amount of damage which needs to be monitored – having a weapon break mid-fight will lead to death.

Undead Citadel

Attending Gamescom was CEO and Dark Curry co-founder Daniel Solis to discuss the idea behind Undead Citadel.  Interestingly, the studio teamed up with 3dRudder for the event, demoing the videogame using Oculus Rift and the foot-based controller. This was a fairly good match, being able to naturally walk around the dilapidated citadel using 3dRudder.

Check out what Daniel had to say in the interview below and as further details are released keep reading VRFocus for the latest updates.

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