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Golem Will be Released for PlayStation VR Fall 2019, in Digital and Physical Form

Yes, this is really happening.

If there’s one videogame that’s synonymous with delay’s then it has to be Highwire Games’ Golem for PlayStation VR. Initially announced back in 2015, the title has seen various launch windows come and go over the past few years so when it reappears with a new date there’s definitely some trepidation. However, this week is very different, with Perp Games revealing that Golem will be heading for a digital and physical release Fall 2019.


The announcement by Perp Games certainly adds clout to the news as the company has a solid track record of physical videogame launches for PlayStation VR. This now makes Golem one of the most eagerly anticipated videogames of 2019 for the headset.

Golem’s story revolves around a kid called Twine who has been critically injured by a serious accident. Bedbound, Twine can build stone golems with which to explore, seeing through their eyes. Only able to build small doll-sized golems, to begin with, soon these special powers begin to grow, enabling massive 15-foot tall giants to be constructed. These large stone golems are able to explore an enormous abandoned city, collecting treasure and artefacts as well as engaging in one-to-one melee combat.

“It’s so gratifying to see our original vision for Golem come together into a full experience,” says Jaime Griesemer, Creative Director at Highwire in a statement. “We’ve really had to push ourselves and the technology, but I think the game is beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to play it. And we’re pretty old school, so it won’t feel ‘finished’ for us until we see it on store shelves.”


“Golem has been a long-time coming but the wait is almost over. It is our honour to be working with such an amazing team of world-class talent. We can’t wait to explore Golem’s secrets,” adds Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games.

No specific date has been given just yet. Perp Games is planning a dual European and North American launch of the physical version in the next few months. If you buy the hardcopy of Golem it will also include a downloadable version of “Echoes of the First Dream” the musical prequel to the videogame. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Golem, reporting back with any further updates.

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