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Battlewake Release Date Art

Pirate Combat Title Battlewake Sets Sail in September

Become the scourge of the high seas next month.

Several months ago virtual reality (VR) developer Survios announced work on a seafaring experience with combat at its core, that videogame was Battlewake. Having showcased the title during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, the team then held a closed beta last month. Ahead of Gamescom tomorrow, Survios has revealed that Battlewake will arrive for multiple platforms in a few weeks time. 


Battlewake is an all-out combat experience featuring both single-player and multiplayer mode. You can choose from one of four Sea Lords (Diego, Rev, Calavera, or Zhang), each have their own unique ship and magical abilities taken from Pirate Legend such as powerful tsunamis or even the dreaded Kraken.

No matter what mode you play the basic gist is that as captain of your ship you can steer your crew in and out of trouble. At the same time when enemies are near you have an assortment of cannons and other weapons to call on to dispatch them. As an action title, Battlewake is all about fast combat engagements with each ship having a full 360-degree arsenal of 13 different weapons to choose from, with those magical powers having to charge up.

The single-player is a 20-chapter campaign as the pirate lords quest to discover an ancient seat of power which can also be played co-op. The Warfare Mode requires players to team up and complete various objectives. Or for those after sheer carnage, there’s always the PvP deathmatch mode. As you earn gold from matches you’ll be able to spend it in the Captain’s Quarters upgrading your ships stats and arsenal as well as those special abilities.


VRFocus previewed Battlewake’s single-player mode in June, finding: “At the moment the demo did everything right, providing a thrilling experience for roughly 15 minutes. Battlewake featured all the gloss you’d expect from a Survios title, with easy to use controls and exciting gameplay.”

Battlewake will launch for Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR on their respective stores 10th September 2019. The Oculus Quest version will arrive a little later this year, no date has been given just yet. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Battlewake, reporting back with any further updates.

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