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HTC Vive ChinaJoy 2019

Vive Wave Standalone Devices to Support PC Streaming Over 5Ghz Wi-Fi Networks

HTC Vive made the announcement at ChinaJoy 2019

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier this year, HTC unveiled a 5G mobile smart hub that would be capable of streaming virtual reality (VR) to headsets. While that device is some way off as it depends on 5G infrastructure, Viveport revealed a new built-in feature called Viveport Streaming, to make Vive Wave compatible devices more versatile.

HTC Vive - Viveport Streaming

Designed for 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) standalone devices such as Vive Focus, Viveport Steaming will allow content streaming between a VR-Ready PC and a Vive Wave device over a standard 5Ghz Wi-Fi network.

Much like other standalone systems such as Oculus Quest, developers need to specifically tailor titles to a head-mounted display (HMD) which can reduce that amount of easily accessible content. Being able to stream PC quality content expands whats accessible from hundreds of titles to many thousands instantly.

In addition to Viveport Streaming, HTC Vive also took the opportunity to demonstrate the new Viveport Video Player with 6DoF interactive video capability (6DoF Lite. The player allows users to “walk into” any existing 360-degree or 180-degree video by moving their body up to one meter in any direction.

HTC Vive ChinaJoy 2019

“5G Cloud VR has been a hot topic in the press recently, and in one to two years, after the 5G network is more robust, it will provide a new way for users to experience high-quality VR without the need for a high-end PC. Until then, the new Viveport Streaming capability being announced today will enable VR users to enjoy countless premium PC VR experiences on their standalone VR devices without the need for a wire,” said Alvin Wang Graylin, China President, HTC, “PC VR streaming as a concept is not new, but having the PC and the Vive Focus Plus complete the full complex network connection automatically and providing a seamless UI to starting any VR content on the linked PC from inside the VR device makes the experience a real breakthrough.”

The feature is expected to be made available via a Viveport update in Q4 2019, initially supporting the Vive Focus Plus, followed by other Vive Wave compatible devices in the future. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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