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Woojer Edge Strap

Woojer’s Thumping new Edge Series Devices Blasts Past Kickstarter Target

Feel the bass with Woojer’s new haptic products.

Woojer is a company focused on bass, not in the kind that you can hear, more the kind you can feel. Having previously released a haptic feedback vest that was primarily designed for experiencing movies, Woojer launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign this week for two new products; the Woojer Vest Edge and Woojer Strap Edge. Both of which can be used with virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Woojer Edge Vest

The new Woojer Edge series is a refinement of the company’s patented Osci technology, helping to up that sense of immersion, whether you’re playing VR or simply listening to music. The two devices in the campaign are designed for different purposes, the Woojer Vest Edge for at home and Woojer Strap Edge when you’re on the go.

Woojer’s Vest Edge is the flagship device, weighing in at 2kg (4.5 lbs) and designed to fit a wide variety of body types. It has six silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducers set out in a stereo array (2x sides, 2x back, 2x front) and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3350mAh, 14.5V) – good for around 8 hours depending on usage and volume/sensation level. Backing tiers for the  Vest Edge start from $299 USD for the Early Bird (time-limited), saving you 40 percent on the standard $499 price at retail.

If the Woojer Vest Edge is a little pricy or too bulky and you’re after something a bit more subtle then the Woojer Strap Edge is the best bet. Designed like a belt, the device can be worn in a number of places from the waist to over the shoulder. Just like its bigger brother, the Strap Edge comes supplied with CSR APTX low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Texas Instruments built-in analogue headphone amplifier. Weighing in at 240g, the Strap Edge has one Osci TRX52 haptic transducer and a 3350mAh, 4.2V battery. As such you can spend a lot less for haptic feedback, with the time-limited Early Bird costing $99 instead of the standard retail price of $175.

Woojer Edge Strap

“We’re really excited about this launch of the Edge Series on Kickstarter,” said the Woojer CEO, Kfir Bar-Levav in a statement. ”Our efforts have made Edge as awesome as our previous products but now also affordable for EVERYONE. We hope that together with the Kickstarter community, Woojer will become the must-have addition to any multimedia experience”.

Woojer managed to complete its $20,000 funding goal in two hours, with the campaign currently sat at just over $164,000. There won’t be long to wait either as the devices are expected to ship in December. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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