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After The Fall

After the Fall Confirmed for PlayStation VR, new Gameplay Trailer Released

It’ll arrive alongside the PC VR version in 2020.

Back in June Vertigo Games announced its next virtual reality (VR) title After the Fall would be coming to PC VR headsets in 2020. As part of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) State of Play event today the studio has now confirmed a PlayStation VR version is in the works whilst showcasing the first gameplay footage.

After The Fall

Offering both single-player and co-op multiplayer gameplay, the new trailer gives the first glimpse at the first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay in After the Fall. Set in a snow-covered dystopian future, players work their way through rundown buildings, clearing their path of monstrous creatures with an assortment of high powered weaponry, from duel wielded pistols to a wrist-mounted, multi lock-on rocket launcher.

After the Fall takes place after an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, where mankind is in the midst of a new ice age due to its own ravaging of the environment. Because the climate became worse humanity began taking an experimental designer drug which began a mutation process. This led to the new horrors roaming this snow-covered hellscape, creatures called Snowbreed.

Set to offer a cinematic experience specifically designed for VR for the team behind Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall is an FPS combined with role-playing game (RPG) elements. During the campaign, players will need to scavenge items to craft an arsenal of guns and close-combat weapons, allowing them to experiment and play around with different combat styles.

After The Fall

Once the campaign is over players can head to Basecamp to complete events, missions, and other objectives. Basecamp also serves as a hub to meet up with other players, hang out, and form teams of four to take on missions.

VRFocus previewed After the Fall at E3 2019 saying: “In its current form After the Fall is a nice generic shooter that would be home on VR as well as non-VR systems. The gameplay is slick, fast and in your face, which tends to mean a certain nuance is missing. Snow zombies are all well and good but there needs to be more, Vertigo Games has the talent, hopefully, it can deliver.”

Check out the trailer below and for further updates on the PlayStation VR and PC VR versions, keep reading VRFocus.

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