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Night Terrors

AR Experience Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Turns Your Home Haunted

The title has been recently updated to improve the scares.

Released in time for Halloween in 2018, augmented reality (AR) experience Night Terrors: Bloody Mary has now received an update to make your home even scarier than before. Now horror fans can expect more content as well as refined gameplay and audio experience, adding to the intensity – just make sure you don’t drop your phone.

Night Terrors

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary uses your mobile phone and AR technology to turn your usually normal home into a haunted one, based on an urban legend. To set the mood it’s best playing at night with the lights turned off. Turning on the app (and with headphones on) all you need to then do is say Bloody Mary three times to get things rolling. You’re then encouraged to wander your home, listening for sounds and watching out for horrors appearing from the darkness.

Developed by AR specialist Imprezario Entertainment in collaboration with horror maestro Oren Peli (Paranormal ActivityInsidious), Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is a survival videogame where it’s best to keep moving. This ensures the ghoulish entities are less likely to sense your presence. Because with each loud noise the glass will crack a little on your device. Once fully broken Bloody Mary can then seize your soul.

For the 2019 edition of Night Terrors: Bloody Mary, the studio has included a bunch of new features such as Evil Siri (for iOS users), ASMR Sound, Noise Limit Recognition, Voice Recognition, Gyro-Dependent Content Triggering, Immersive 360-degree Mixed Media Scenes, New Content-Paired Unity Effects and more.

Night Terrors

The ideal accompaniment for running around the house when Halloween arrives – or just for scaring guests whenever – Night Terrors: Bloody Mary supports both iOS and Android devices, retailing for $1.99 USD on Apple Store and free on Google Store.

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is the next edition of Night Terrors: The Beginning an AR mobile videogame which has achieved almost half-a-million downloads. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest horror titles for AR and VR devices, reporting back with the latest updates.

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