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Brutal Brawler Gorn to Hit PlayStation VR This Winter

It’s going to be a bloody end to 2019.

Earlier this year Free Lives announced that its over-the-top gladiator brawler Gorn would be coming to PlayStation VR but never mentioned when that might happen. Today, a release window was revealed during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) State of Play broadcast as ‘Winter 2019’.

Gorn was an Early Access release for PC VR headsets in 2017, being fully launched in July. It’s one of the more brutal virtual reality (VR) titles available, with the entire gameplay experience revolved around causing as much bloody mayhem inside an arena as possible.

You play a gladiator tasked with one challenge, survive. Trading realism for outlandish cartoon violence, Gorn features ragdoll physics so that the muscle-bound opponents look really menacing but in fact, you can mess them up really bad. Using an assortment of weapons from a simple knife through to axes, maces, bows and much more, you can easily decapitate, dismember, smash, stab, rip or slice opponents to bits. There are even environmental hazards which appear like spiked walls the throw enemies against.

Because of all of this Gorn isn’t for the squeamish, with arms being ripped off, skulls exposed, bones smashed and lots and lots of blood. Each round in the solo campaign pits you against more characters who are progressively harder, armed with bigger weapons and more armour to breakthrough. While each section is finished off with a boss to face.

GORN - Screen 2

When reviewing the PC version VRFocus gave the videogame a solid four-star rating, saying: “It is stupid, and over the top on almost every level yet it’ll still put a smile of most players faces. Additionally, GORN will help you lose two things, time and calories. You’ll find that one fight will turn into ten, and you’ll be a sweaty mess from all that arm swinging. If you want something deep and thought-provoking go read a book, for everyone else there’s GORN.”

With an exact release date still to be confirmed within the next three months, there’s not too long to go until Free Lives release Gorn for PlayStation VR. When that happens VRFocus will let you know. Also revealed today was Enhance Games upcoming title Humanity.

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