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Panther VR

Kickstarter Begun for Stealth-Sandbox Title Panther VR

The campaign aims to raise €15,000.

Wolfdog Interactive, the Dutch virtual reality (VR) developer behind videogames like Skyworld and VR Dungeon Knight has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its next title, Panther VR.

Panther VR

Having already been in production for almost 2 years, Panther VR is a stealth-sandbox adventure where you play a master thief recruited to perform daring raids.

The story synopsis explains: “In a distant future, ruled by international Corporations, there is always a struggle for power. Most power can be bought with money, everything else can be stolen. This is where the “Guild” comes into place. An international secret organization of master thieves, working for the highest bidder. Only the best are recruited into the Guild and may become a Panther Agent.”

Which is where you step in, along a crew to help along the way. In this single-player experience (a co-op mode is planned as a stretch goal) the levels are open-ended, allowing for multiple routes to be taken depending on whether you want to stay hidden or go in guns blazing. To help, you’ll have a variety of weapons and gadgets which can then be upgraded and modified to suit different play styles.

Panther VR

Wolfdog Interactive has laid out plans for lots of replay elements in Panther VR. Alongside the main story campaign, there will also be several modes such as Contract; individual missions with a focus on combat and shorter player sessions, Missions; unlimited and randomly generated levels in pre-built locations with variable difficulty, and Challenges; players compete in a mixture of missions with unique conditions.

As the studio has already put a significant amount of time into developing the campaign only aims to raise a minimum of €15,000 EUR, using Kickstarter mainly as a platform for promotion. Backers can pledge only €16 (£15 GBP) for the first tier with access to Panther VR when it hits Steam Early Access in April 2020. Should the Kickstarter fail Panther VR will still be coming to Steam.

Check out the first trailer for Panther VR below. Stealth fans will soon be spoilt for choice with Espire 1: VR Operative arriving on 24th September, Intruder: Hide and Seek launching on 26th, while Phantom: Covert Ops and Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency are both due by the end of the year. For further Panther VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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