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Striker VR

Striker VR’s Latest Haptic Peripheral is the Arena Infinity LITE Blaster

It offers more feedback in a lighter unit.

Haptic feedback is becoming an important part of the virtual reality (VR) experience, especially where location-based entertainment (LBE) is concerned. Striker VR is a specialist in this area, having previously built a gun peripheral on the same name. Today, the company has announced a new partnership with Nanoport Technology – creator of TacHammer haptic tech – which will see a new gun released called the Arena Infinity LITE.

Striker VR

The peripheral aims to deliver an even more realistic experience than previous models thanks to TacHammer LMR haptic technology which uses magnetic suspension instead of springs to produce impact haptics. To create the haptic unit  Haptech Inc. worked with Nanoport Technology, making a custom unit uniquely sized and fitted for Striker VR products.

“We worked with Striker VR to develop this new TacHammer and it was quite a challenge given the tight requirements and large g-forces. Testing was particularly hairy; the intense forces destroyed the fixtures and restraints that we initially used” explains Kyle Skippon, development engineer for TacHammer, in a statement.

Providing strong impact haptics so that Arena Infinity LITE could simulate strong gunshot-like blasts, the TacHammer technology is also able to simulate more subtle effects, like the rumble of a distant explosion or accelerated heartbeat of a player.

Striker VR

“Haptics quality is our highest priority.  It is how we create the highest level of immersion for AAA content and VR experiences,” says Martin Holly, co-founder and vice president, Striker VR. “This partnership represents our commitment to delivering the best products in the LBE industry.”

The Arena Infinity LITE blaster will be the first product to feature TacHammer haptics, offering players impact-based haptics that can reach up to 50 Gs of acceleration. The new model retains the same form factor as the original Striker VR gun but is now 20% lighter, making it easier to wield.

Striker VR has already begun shipping the Arena Infinity LITE blaster to selection VR LBE providers with full production capabilities starting in Q1 2020. Recently VRFocus tried out Manus VR’s haptic glove, Manus Prime Haptic, offering an expensive look at an enterprise-focused device. For further updates on haptic technology, keep reading VRFocus.

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