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Talespin Runway Expands Training Library to Improve Enterprise Learning

Talespin’s new modules offer a targeted subject matter.

Virtual reality (VR) training for enterprise use cases is becoming an important addition for many businesses looking to embrace the latest technology. Talespin, a developer of enterprise-focused XR solutions has just announced an expansion of its training platform Talespin Runway to improve the learning process for client employees.

New modules have been added to Talespin Runway targeting particular subject matter such as insurance-specific VR training. Also including is Talespin Propel, designed for object and process-based training across a multitude of use cases.

The first modules include:

  • Construction Materials Basics

    • In this learning module, the learner quickly learns the core construction materials, components, and concepts that go into building a residential home. The module’s experiential nature improves the retention of foundational knowledge, helping insurance employees gain critical subject matter familiarity to deliver the best possible customer experiences.

  • Scoping Basics: Water Damage

    • In this learning module, the learner is tasked with investigating and scoping a residential water damage claim in VR. Playing the role of a Claims Representative, the learner rapidly builds experience by breaking the physical boundaries of what is typically possible in training and virtually experiencing what it’s like to perform this task in the real world.

  • Auto Claim Shared Responsibility

    • In this learning module, the learner takes on the role of a Claims Representative and engages in virtual role-play with an AI character representing a 3rd party claimant. The learner must practice conversational techniques to discuss the claimant’s shared responsibility in an automobile accident, developing confidence and critical interpersonal skills to deliver a great customer experience in a moment that can greatly impact a customer relationship.

“There is no question that virtual reality is beneficial for accelerating learning and making training more efficient,” said Talespin CEO and co-founder Kyle Jackson in a statement. “The challenge is that VR software is typically expensive to implement. We’re lowering the barrier to entry with our expanded platform, which helps any company better train its workforce and share knowledge with its employees. Our off-the-shelf content library for the insurance industry is just the beginning of our mission to help all industries bring the benefits of XR to their transformation story.”

The two core products in Talespin Runway are:

  • Talespin Propel, for learning object- and process-based knowledge

    • Object-based learning modules accelerate familiarization and memorization for core concepts and objects, like recognizing residential construction materials, memorizing automotive parts, and identifying damage states within a home.

    • Object-based learning modules are designed to provide the knowledge base employees need to excel at more advanced process-based tasks and conversational learning modules.

    • Process-based learning modules simulate complex tasks and help employees rapidly build experience before their first day on the job.

  • Talespin CoPilot, for soft skills training with virtual role-play

    • The platform’s conversational learning modules are powered by CoPilot, and task employees with conducting role-play with virtual humans. These learning modules help employees develop critical leadership and communication skills, and provide a safe space to practice challenging conversations.

For details on implementing Talespin’s solutions head to its official website. It’s not the only company working in this field, yesterday Pixvana revealed a workplace training experience, FundamentalVR focuses on surgical training, while Pitchboy is all about VR sales training. For further updates on VR training, keep reading VRFocus.

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