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Battlewake Release Date Art

The VR Game Launch Roundup: High Seas Escapades Await

Plenty of VR fun to be had next week.

The second week of September will see a varied mix of different genres across these 5 unique titles, whether you are into calm and mesmerising or a fast-paced role-playing game (RPG), there is something for everyone this coming week.

Hellsplit: Arena

Hellsplit: Arena – Deep Type Games

Hellsplit: Arena is a horror-slasher videogame where you play as an ultra-realistic avatar that correctly matches your own human movements. This fantasy world in the Middle Ages is overrun with the undead and you must use a series of medieval weapons and your own fighting skills to kick, cut and stab your way to victory in this room-scale VR experience.


Battlewake is a swashbuckling new VR adventure from studio Survios. In this 20-chapter adventure, you experience solo, co-op & PvP modes of gameplay. Play as four ancient pirate lords, each wielding their own supernatural abilities as you attack hordes of enemy boats and fortresses. Also featuring “plunder mode,” a pirate-themed deathmatch of battle and looting. Collect and spend looted gold to boost your own ship’s arsenal.



AltspaceVR is a VR social media platform where you join other VR users from around the world to go to live events, play interactive games and sports, or simply explore this virtual universe day and night.

  • Supported Platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch Date: 12th September

Real VR Fishing

Fishing is a great escape from it all. Now you can do the same from the comfort of your own living room thanks to VR. In Real VR Fishing, you test your fishing skills in tranquil waters all over the world in one of the most realistic fishing experiences to date. Also featuring the assistance of an in-game music playlist and some handy tracking tools.

  • Supported Platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch Date: 12th September

Touring Karts - VR Edition

Touring Karts

In this major throwback to classic multiplayer racing experiences, Touring Karts is a new VR party game that sees you zoom across a series of whacky tracks with up to 8 players online. Offering various levels of immersion, collect power-ups and enjoy story-based and online game modes.

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