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The VR Game Launch Roundup: Puzzles, Horror and More in Store

Another varied selection of VR titles to chose from.

As September draws to a close, VRFocus brings you a roundup of the last videogames of the month along with a few from early October. Make sure to check out our accompanying video compilation at the bottom to see the titles in action. The VRFocus team has spent the last few days in the US getting all the latest VR news first-hand from the Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) event. Stay tuned into the site and all our social channels for various news and coverage from the event.

Carly and the Reaperman – Escape from the Underworld – Odd Raven Studios

Offering both single-player and local co-op multiplayer Carly and the Reaperman – Escape from the Underworld is a puzzle adventure which follows the story of Carly and the Reaperman as they take on the Underworld. With over 50 levels and 10+ hours of gameplay, you can either control both characters by yourself, with the giant Reaperman picking up and moving platforms for Carly to run across, or grab a friend.

  • Supported Platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch Date: 2nd October

Cartoon Network Journeys VR – Paper Crane Games, TwinSky Games, Cartoon Network Studios

In Cartoon Network Journeys VR, join Gormlorm the wizard of this multiverse as he guides you into an adventure into new enchanted worlds. This is a VR collection of three minigames developed by Cartoon Network Studios and featuring new and original characters and locations.

Cartoon Network Journeys VR

Drums of War – Grind Core Games

Featuring warfare, orcs, village burning and… drums? In what has been described as a cross between Overlord and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, in Drums of War, you must drum along to an original metal soundtrack while battling dwarves with the aim of achieving the coveted title of King of the Mountain. The odds are against you, and you must fend off hordes of fantasy beings to achieve your goal.

Dreadhalls – White Door Games

In Dreadhalls, you find yourself trapped in a dungeon completely unable to defend yourself in any way. You must have your wits about you to detect any slight movement around you as you navigate through endless, winding and dimly lit corridors with only a flickering candle to assist your journey. Previously released in 2013, the game was released for Samsung Gear VR then as an Oculus Rift launch title, this stealth-filled title is now getting the Oculus Quest treatment. For existing owners of the Oculus Rift title, cross-buy will be offered for the two titles.

  • Supported Platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch Date: 3rd October

Drums of War

HyperStorm – MotionHouse

In HyperStorm, pilot futuristic fighters in this arcade shooter that sees you launch all the way from earth to space. Zap your enemies throughout landscapes all over the Earth as well as those in the deepest depths of outer space in this immersive, high-speed adventure developed and published by up-and-coming Korean studio MotionHouse.

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