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BoxVR’s Hooks Into North American Retail Stores Next Month for PlayStation VR

A great present for any VR fitness fan.

FitXR released its fitness-focused virtual reality (VR) title BoxVR back in May, offering energetic workout routines via, you guessed it, boxing. During the summer the studio revealed a partnership with Perp Games to create a physical retail version for PlayStation VR which took place this month for European gamers. Now the pair have confirmed a date for the North American edition.


Originally an HTC Vive title which arrived in 2017BoxVR has grown to offer a variety of workouts and routines based on boxing. Players can choose from 45 workouts depending on how vigorous a session they want. Varying in length from short three-minute warmups to 60+ minute endurance workouts, there’s enough choice depending on how many calories you want to burn.

Or you can break away from the set routines and create a custom workout. In the My Workouts mode, you can create as many custom routines as you want, adjusting the length of each workout by building playlists from the 110 included music tracks, and adjusting the intensity of each routine. The music tracks span various genres including pop, rock, electronic dance music, drum and bass and hip hop.

As each workout is recorded you can track your progress allowing you to set goals. Or for those times when motivation is a little lacking then there’s always multiplayer. Up to six people are able to tackle the same workout together, competing for the top score.


BoxVR is already available to pre-order for $29.99 USD through AmazonGameStop and Target, and is coming soon to retailers including Best Buy. The physical edition will then arrive on 19th November 2019. Or you can always find BoxVR digitally on the PlayStation Store.

This isn’t the only title Perp Games has in store for PlayStation VR owners this Christmas. For those that want to get creative CoolPaintrVR: Deluxe Edition will be available this week in stores. Next month will be a biggie, with Perp partnering with Highwire Games on the long-awaited release of Golema PlayStation VR exclusive. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest VR retail launches, reporting back as soon as new information is available.

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